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Meet, Connect, Play: The Best Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo DS

Meet, Connect, Play: The Best Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
Nintendo’s DS gives you the freedom to enjoy your games on the move. You can be on the road, sitting in a lobby, taking a ride in the subway and you can still enjoy your favorite game titles. And with this freedom of movement, you have all the chances to meet up with all your favorite gaming buddies. So what’s a group of gamers to do? Here’s a quick roundup of the best multiplayer experiences you can have with the DS.

Lego Star Wars

This here is actually two different games, there is the Complete Saga of the Lego Star Wars which covers the events of the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy movies. And there is also the Clone Wars which covers the events told in the animated shorts and the CG movie and series. All in all, you can expect more than 40 hours of cooperative campaign gameplay as well as plenty of replay value with the free play option –which is a requirement for anyone planning to complete all the in-game collectibles. This game supports up to two players so for those of you meeting with larger groups will certainly want to buddy up when playing this game. In terms of difficulty, this game presents little more than the usual platforming challenge, but mostly, Lego Star Wars is highly recommended for its fun gameplay and even funnier delivery of a story that we all know and love.

Contra 4

Contra is one of the oldest game series that we have ever played and come to love. The game places you in control of one of the two gung-ho super action-star heroes as they face hordes of bad guys, dodge screen-fulls of enemy bullets and take on the most gigantic sprite based bosses a side scrolling game has ever seen. With Contra 4, much of that classic gameplay is kept intact for you and your bestest bud to enjoy. The premise is simple, if it moves, shoot it. Grab power ups along the way, dodge any enemy and be sure to jump over any obstacle. Between the frantic action, a little change of pace is delivered through changes in game perspective (there are side scrolling and top down stages). In terms of storyline, it is as simple as it gets: giant evil alien horde is coming, and you have to stop them by blowing up everything that stands in your way. Simple, fun and easy to play, the best type of gaming experience that you and your friends could ever want.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

For those looking for a game with a deeper gameplay, a bit of focus on inventory management and a much deeper storyline, no need to go further. FFCC: Echoes of Time has it all for you. Do not let the childlike appearances of the lead characters fool you, this is a full on J-RPG by the great minds behind Square Enix. An epic storyline, a solid combat system (think Vandal Hearts meets Zelda), amazing visuals for an NDS and this game will leave you with almost nothing else to wish for. Also, the game lets you connect to a Wii playing Crystal Chronicles as well.

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