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Your 360, Your Style: Special Editions of Microsoft’s Gaming Console

Halo Reach Xbox 360 Limited Edition
The Xbox 360 is an extremely impressive gaming machine featuring high end video graphics hardware and a library of games that is sure to satisfy any hardcore gamer’s needs. But function is not there is to Microsoft’s very successful seventh generation video game console. The Xbox 360 also delivers plenty in terms of form. The new sleeker design (as compared to the original Xbox) of the original 360 and the highly stylized 360S bring to users a devices that will fit perfectly well in the center of your home theater. But if you have been looking for something more, something extra special, you might want to take a quick peek at these special edition versions of the Xbox 360.

No list of Xbox 360 special editions can be complete without the Halo 3 special edition; this system is considered to be the top choice of Xbox fans for its specially designed colors –made to look like Master Chief’s armor. Even the pack-in controller, headset and charger has been designed in a similar fashion to fit with the overall look. Halo fans will love the slight contouring of the side plate to match the style of the Spartan armor.

Final Fantasy fans have also been given a special console as well. The Final Fantasy XIII 360 special edition comes in a basic white color scheme with an imprinted design. Being white, it looks a lot like the standard 360 edition until closer inspection. The package also comes with free game related DLC and of course, the game itself. While we cannot exactly recommend this one for aesthetic functions (since it is still mostly white), hardcore fans of Square Enix would certainly want to have this in their playroom.

For those looking for a strikingly good color for the Xbox, a special Resident Evil 5 edition of the console has been released and this one comes in a solid red finish. In terms of overall design, there are no RE-specific designs on the console itself, making it a great alternative for those who simply want a red version of the console. As a special edition, this Xbox 360’s controller and headset accessories are also colored red.

Really hardcore collectors might want to watch out for a few very limited edition versions of the Xbox 360. The special launch edition is a very exclusive version of the system that has only been given to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 launch team. These editions were never available commercially and can only be obtained from the Launch Team members themselves –in the unlikely event that they are willing to part with the console itself. According to reports, the launch edition is mostly white like the original but comes with a customized faceplate, a date engraving, and green highlights on the console (which is gray in the commercial release of the 360). Currently, only one launch team edition has been reported to have been sold by the original owner.

Of course, buying a brand new special edition console is not the only way to get the style you want. There are plenty of custom faceplates and skins for the Xbox 360 available both from official sources and third party manufacturers. The designs also range from simple flat colors to well detailed art (gaming-related and otherwise). If the above special editions are way off your budget, you might want to invest in a skin instead.

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