The Playstation Network Goes Portable

Sony’s Playstation Network is considered by many to be superior to its only competitor, Xbox Live. The free service, availability of plenty of content and the sheer fact that it transcends the base console (the Playstation 3) are all major reasons to support it. Speaking of transcending, the PSN is accessible to the PS3 as […]

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Gaming Health: Taking Care of Your PSP

The PSP is a great handheld device; it has lots of games, great controls and can do a lot of other things (browse the web, play music and videos, etc). But as with many electronic devices, the PSP has its own share of problems. And for those who want to be able to take care […]

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Gear to Go: A Quick Look at Sony’s Playstation Portable

A little over 5 years ago, Sony Computer Entertainment launched the Playstation Portable. This tiny little machine fitted nicely in a small bag, had a battery that lasted for hours on end and promised to deliver a massive library of games that would fulfill any gamer’s heart. While that last bit of promise took a […]

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PSP Countdown: Things We will Miss When the NGP Arrives

There is plenty of talk about the Next Generation Portable –basically, the PSP’s successor. As much as we all would want to call it the PSP2, Sony’s official name for the new device is the NGP. And so far, most of the hardware features are proving to be quite impressive and promising. Despite all things […]

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