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Covering Your Gaming Needs with the Xbox 360

The home video game console market is currently dominated by two powerful giants: Sony’s high end Playstation 3 and of course, Microsoft’s Xbox 360. While some may argue that Nintendo’s Wii console is a third alternative, many often see the motion gaming system as a secondary platform designed mostly for casual players. On its end, […]

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Bring On the East: J-RPGs for the Xbox 360

One of the hardest challenges that Microsoft faced with the original Xbox home console was the fact that they had little Japanese game developer support. This affected the console’s sales performance slightly in western markets and strongly in Japan. With the Xbox 360, Microsoft is showing that they are learning from their mistakes. The next […]

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Full Circle: Completing Your Xbox 360 Setup

Microsoft’s Xbox is an impressive gaming system. It packs quite the punch in terms of hardware power, and provides players with an incredible amount of games to choose from. But simply owning the system and several games alone is not all that you need to get the most out of your Xbox 360. Here are […]

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Xbox 360: Surviving the Red Ring of Doom

We have all heard the horror stories and for many owners of early generation Xbox 360 consoles, the Red Ring of Doom/Death (also known as RRoD) is the eternal boogeyman lurking in the shadows of the Microsoft console. What makes RRoD so ghastly for players is simple fact that it count compromise and destroy all […]

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Online Games on Demand: Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming service is one of the largest online game markets ┬ľalong with the Playstation Store and Steam. Featuring a wide range of games that is constantly updated on an almost daily basis, XBLA provides players with a game library that is available almost every day, at any time. But what is good […]

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Achievements, Gamerscore and Multiplayer – The Best of Xbox Live

We all love our games, and we certainly love being able to talk about gaming experiences with our friends. Microsoft brings these two and many more great features together in a single online connectivity service, and this, is Xbox Live. Originally debuting back in 2002, a year after the launch of the original Xbox home […]

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